Acrylic Merch on the way!

Meeerrch on the way!

Please take the survey here if you’d like to purchase them!

The survey will last for about a week, and the merch will go into production in mid-August.
We haven’t decided when they’ll go on sale or what the prices will be yet.
Please stay tuned if you’re interested!

*Production will be based on the results of the demand survey!
Please ensure your purchase decision before participating in the vote (❁´◡`❁)

More photos will be updated soon! : D

Event: Calling for Fan Art

☆The Other: Rosie’s Road of Love is finally released on Steam!
An Art Book is also going to be made this time, in the following weeks.

Here we have the old fan art event again!
If there is anyone interested in submitting fan art for the Art Book now it’s the time!
You’ll recieve a copy for free if your art is included in the book!
It’s not a contest (and properly not many submissions) so don’t worry, just join if you’re interested.

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