Acrylic Merch Survey! (1st Aug 2023)

Welcome to your Acrylic Merch Survey! (1st Aug 2023)

12cm Acrylic Standee

◇ The largest standee is 12 cm tall, which means other characters are about 11-12cm.
◇ double sided
◇ estimated price: £6-7/item (shipping from the uk)

*Production will be based on the results of the demand survey!
Please ensure your purchase decision before participating in the vote (❁´◡`❁)


3-4cm Mini Acrylic Standee

◇ Tomatoes are 3 cm tall, slightly smaller than the pixel characters.
◇ double sided
◇ estimated price: around £10-12/set (shipping from the uk)
◇ there are also tomato binder clips!

4-5cm Acrylic Binder Clips

◇ The books look smaller than tomatoes.
◇ double sided
◇ The acrylic parts are glued on the clip, which may fall off after using for some time...
◇ estimated price: around £2-4/item (shipping from the uk)
◇ Tomato clips are slightly larger than the tomato mini standees

7 thoughts on “Acrylic Merch Survey! (1st Aug 2023)

    1. I’ll make more T&T merch in the future…! Tho still not sure about the patterns or types😂
      Thank you for letting me know!

  1. It’s pretty tough to pick a single choice for all of these, but still, I love the art style of all the merch!

    1. My bad! it should be “multiple choices to be submitted” rather than “multiple choices to be selected”…😂😂
      Luckily the survey is for the reference, not the order number…Very sorry for the inconvenience_(:з」∠)_

  2. i like the bigger standess and the tomato set myself,not a fan of the book clips or the mini standeis but thats just me i’m sure others will like em.

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