2022-05-23 Wish I could make a puzzle game someday

TWTP remaking!

I really like jigsaw puzzles. When I play Professor Layton, jigsaw puzzles are my favorite part (there are so many different puzzles in Layton, and tbh jigsaw is relatively easy), my eyes light up when I see one hahaha. (I also like them in real life, but I’ve never finished a large one, nor have I tried those “pure white hell” lol.

Jigsaw puzzles are fun and relaxing! And since I don’t have to pay my artist (aka myself), it would be great if someday I could make such a game myself.

I really hate working on the UIs. It’s so frustrating T T. (No gameplay yet, so I can only present you with this picture, for now…
(I’m having a break atm, but I thought I’d post a little something!

2022-02-13 Vanessa’s Room remake

Spent three days on Vanessa’s room…the room is too big!
But I’m satisfied with the new details🥳