T&T 5-Years and Colouring Event!

Celebration Art by LighT (Twitter)

Thank you for these five years!
I’m really grateful, and hope that I had brought you some laughters.
Please continue to stay around for my future projects if you’re interested!

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◇Don’t forget to check the 3rd Popularity Vote! Looking forward to your participation~

The Colouring Event:

Thanks to the artist LighT!
I really love this illustration and we joked that it was like from a colouring book. They generously provided the beautiful line art, and we decided to hold this event as a part of celebration~

You can print it or colour it digitally. Please have fun!
~Just do not repost the original art or the line art, or claim the line art as your own~

Rules and Download Link Here

We’re also looking forward to see your works!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!