Event: Calling for Fan Art

☆The Other: Rosie’s Road of Love is finally released on Steam!
An Art Book is also going to be made this time, in the following weeks.

Here we have the old fan art event again!
If there is anyone interested in submitting fan art for the Art Book now it’s the time!
You’ll recieve a copy for free if your art is included in the book!
It’s not a contest (and properly not many submissions) so don’t worry, just join if you’re interested.

√ It’s OK to draw any character, npc, ship, or game/backstory related contents.
√ It’s OK to contain RRoL spoilers.
√ It’s OK to draw Trick & Treat /The Witches’ Tea Party RPG AU!

△ It’s OK to draw characters that only appear in Airi’s Adventure, but please do not include key spoilers of AA.
(If you’re not sure feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or Tumblr)

X No tracing or art theft.
X No NSFW works. No offensive contents, or anything that related to real people/events. Just keep it respectful and fictional like a normal peice of fan art XD

Basically just draw whatever you want. It’s not a contest, so the art skill is not the primary thing to consider. Relax and have fun! 😀
If you need references, check Twitter and Tumblr dev blog (or maybe Gallery on this website if I can finish building it X’D). You can also ask me if you need anything.

Size and format:
Please keep it as regular as possible (1:1, 4:3, 16:9, regular shapes, etc)
Please draw it large, at least 1200px, or above. The book’s page size is A4.
Save it as png.
Use your ID and the date as the file name, for example: “0602 Amelia Pumpkin”. I’ll credit you as “Amelia Pumpkin”.

20th June, Sunday
*I’m working on TATR so the art book has to wait for a while…
*It’ll take time to make the pages after recieving the drawings, so please don’t be late!
The deadline may change due to various reasons (for example, T&TR development, my health (…) or no submission X’D).
Keep an eye on Twitter or dev blog if you’re participating!

When you’re ready:
You can just send it to me through Tumblr or Twitter messages, or email it to
rabbitonbooks☆gmail.com (☆=@)
I’ll reply within 1-2 days! If I don’t please message me again!

Looking forward to your participation!