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Meeerrch on the way!

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A Halloween Afternoon

A very short game about working in a witch’s kitchen…
The game is a part of Trick & Treat‘s 7 year anniversary celebration.

Genre: Adventure/Casual

OS: Windows10
Estimated playtime: 5 -30 minutes

By RabbitonBooks

DL on

This is a free game.
The game and any of its material/programme should not be edited, used or submmited elsewhere without premission.

The game can only be played using the keyboard.
Autosave of endings/trophies may overwrite your progress, so please remember to save frequently.

Arrow keys: Move
Enter/Z/Space: Confirm
Q: Open menu
W: Fast forward text

TAB: Hide dialogue box
F5: Instantly return to title screen

There won’t be an official walkthrough of this game because it is very short, yet there are still a few things for you to explore. Feel free to share your findings or your gameplay!
Hope this little game can bring you some relaxing time.

– There is a hidden room (“Extra”) available after the True Ending is finished.
– You may find some useful infomation on the official website.

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Thank you for playing!

2022-07-02 Characters

Also updated on Characters!

2022-06-29 AA update wip