Colour the Secret Pumpkin Garden

The line art is in jpg and png formats.
You can print it or colour it digitally.


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◇ Please feel free to post your work on your SNS or Steam Community! We'd like to see them!
[X] Please do not repost the original art or the line art, or claim the line art as your own.

◇ It'll be great if you can mention us when sharing, or link back to the game/website.
◇ We may feature some of the colouring works on the website or other SNS. If you do not agree, please mention it in your description when sharing.

(The line art and the illustration belong to the artist LighT, and the character(s) belong to RabbitonGames).
Hope you enjoy it!

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◇ 请把你的成果发在社交网络上吧!我们都很想看到!
[X] 请不要未经许可转载、二次上传线稿和原图,请不要声称线稿是自己的作品

◇ 希望能在分享的时候at我们!或者分享游戏、官网的链接~
◇ 我们可能会挑选一些作品放在官网上,如果你不想的话,请在分享的时候直接写明就好~


If everything is fine, let's go to the download link!