2016-05-09 Floor tiles

Floor tiles.
My first time drawing these hahaha I enjoyed it.
And I spent more time on making these idk-what-they-are-for maps > <
I’ll try walls and carpets tomorrow :’D

    #I think i’ve got lots of ideas and wanna try many things
    #these are not game screentshots

Walls wip…
Whatever I wanna show (off) the progress ><

Some A5 floor tiles for RPG Maker MV! (48X48)
Feel free to use. No repost. No need to credit me :3

(These are something I made when practicing, I’ll be really happy if you find them useful, and please do not repost or I’ll feel uncomfortable. Surely you can use them outside MV or RPG Maker, but you’ll need to adjust the tile size).

I thought it would be easy to draw three maps before submitting it to RMN (while I’m still on the front page)…But it turns out to be not.
I still need to draw lots of things since now we’re using our own tiles (mostly).
And I’ve never done that before_(:з」∠)_

Good thing is that I’ve finished Vanessa’s sprite and they look adorable walking together 🙂

Screenshots 0_0
I’ll just post more when it’s available there, because I kinda can’t wait to share.
And we’ve set up the quest system… I love quests :p I still need to draw lots of furniture before actually writing the story.