2016-05-15 TWTP Characters

Some characters info of the new project The Witches’ Tea Party.

Charlotte The protagonist.

Vanessa A gentle and kind-hearted girl. An (obscure) artist.
The first friend of Charlotte.

Marilyn Charlotte’s grandmother. Maybe it’s a little strange of a witch to get properly married and enjoy her family life.
Cheerful and loves playing tricks.

Andrea The party holder, who invited everyone. Is it really a good idea to gather all the witches under one roof…?
A very beautiful and mature lady, but don’t make her angry. She is about the same age of Marilyn and they have been friends for ages.

Xaviera It seemed that nobody knew her before the tea party…Why was she there?
She is a very nice and polite guest. Loves to add a spicy taste to sweets.

Evangeline She was born in a village covered with snow.
Gets angry very easily, and her attack is powerful.

Mirabell A sweetheart. VERY SHY. And she collects wedding dresses.

Renee She plays puppet shows with her dolls and teddy bears.

Stephanie A silent witch. She loves music, and has some fans among the girls.

This was planned right after Trick & Treat’s development was started in February, together with SophiaSW,
and now we’re working hard on it. You’ve probably seen the hidden thing in T&T :p.
The concept sketches and line arts are also on this devblog.
Game now posted on itch.io.

It’s still in an early stage, and the workload of art is heavy since we’re making most of the tiles!
Hopefully we can bring you more news soon! Follow or reblog if you’re interested 😀

I’m actually a little busy recently and probably won’t be able to work on it in June.
I’ll try to finish the prologue in the end of May, and maybe a demo in the autumn or winter.

Thanks again for the support!<3