2016-05-02 Lineart Finished

Finally finished Mira’s lineart…
I hope colouring is easier (…

    #And I’m seriously considering get MV D:
    #Still hesitating

The witches lineart finished_(:з」∠)_

    #I’m so tired
    #next:colouring! ^q^

Charlotte’s new sprite 0_0

    #i’m too sleepy

So I worked hard and finished Charlotte’s character spirits…tbh it looks a bit too sweet (for me) on the video…The window is just, big, and everything looks refined and brand new, shining and glaring. The move is smooth too, though when running I can barely keep my eyes on the character. I probably consider disable dashing.

It looks better on the second map though. I’ll need darker tiles for maps I guess :p
What do you think?