2016-04-24 Trick & Treat v1.0 released!

Trick & Treat v1.0 released!

This is a Halloween themed horror/puzzle game about trick-or-treating in a vampire’s house.
It contains blood, death, jumpscares, ghosts and monsters. Please make sure you are fine with the contents before playing!
Created with RPG Maker VX Ace.

– Features –
A light-hearted spooky adventure. The puzzles are not hard, either.
About 90 minutes gameplay. Multiple ends and 9 dead ends.
Original spirits and CGs.
A hidden room (Extra) will be available after the Normal or True end.
A new outfit for Amelia will be available for the second run 😀

More about the game and its characters:
By RabbitonBooks
Special Thanks: @sophiasw
Testing: Ma Festal Cry, Moutuan, Aileck, @ralphrius​

This is a free game. The game and any of its material/programme should NOT be used or submitted elsewhere without permission.
If you have any question, comment or report, please feel free to contact me.

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Thanks again! Hope you enjoy 😀