2020-04-01 apRIL FOols…

◇Steam News
Trick & Treat Remake
Now it’s the time to announce!
The Remake now is being developed by a programmer friend (Vilja) and me.
It’ll bascially keep the way it was, but with original map assets and ost.

Trick & Treat is going to have its 4-year anniversary this April,
Thank you all for playing, and supporting me.
Feel free to follow the news on Twitter and Devlog if you’re interested!
And you can become a Patreon if you’d like to see a little bit more develop info/art (currently only $1 Tier~)

At the moment my life is greatly disturbed by COVID-19, like many others in the world…
I hope you all stay safe, have a balanced diet, and take good care of yourself and your family<3

apRIL FOols…Actually, this is kinda real X’DDDDD
Just wish me luck developing. I’m not sure if you would be interested in a remake but I really hope it can be released this year^^