2020-03-19 If we cannot see each other ever again

If we cannot see each other ever again,
please remember that I always love you.


xaandiir: How difficult is it for you to make assets?
If you mean the map tile sets, it’s kinda…really difficult X’D
I think I spend about half the time drawing the assets…if not more. I like pixel art and especially enjoy drawing the little or indoor things (not very good at outdoor things like plants and buildings)…tho sometimes I just really wanna bang my head against the wall X’DD

Anyway I hope you enjoy those little cities and rooms in the game!_(:з」∠)_

aquaebfr said: I love it! The concept is so interesting💖💖 Is there more information about your ocs?
Hiii thanks for the comment 😀
I…I think it’s alright to say something about it, tho it’s still not the time for any announcement X’DDD
It starts from here in 2015,  It’s really silly I just hope you don’t mind_(:з」∠)_

That’s the 10th witch who didn’t attend the Tea Party, (you can find an empty chair in Andrea/Evangeline’s memory), and one of the MCs in my next game ;v;
Tho she’s more like a priestess now in the story…Her name is Olivia. The doctor is Marilyn and the broken hearts in Andrea’s library is hers. She’s still alive, Charlotte and RIch live in the forest next to her town, which will be the main stage of the game (not title yet X’D)
MCs are here: https://ameliaandfriends.tumblr.com/post/189888296018/new-characters-of-a-new-project
and here (the pink girl is the playable MC, her name is Nora, human)

The story is not too much about witches like the other two…more likely to tell the stories about a bunch of sad human girls…the atmosphere is probably a bit sad and dark as well. I haven’t start to write, except an outline…
And this is the early sketch along with the other witches…(it’s in the TWTP art book…without showing her face, I remember, anyway her appearance design changed completely_(:з」∠)_

idk if this is kinda spoilery but since it’s asked (and i don’t think there are many ppl reading this blog X’DD