2016-12-10 Emoji Challange

Emoji challange.

just feel free to ask…
not only the art challange, I’m taking requests as a break.
spear me some attention ;’)
    #just ask
    #i’ll do it this weekend

biscucho: T&T John with A5 👌
>>Why 0AQ
Somehow it looks sadder, well, I don’t think John will ever cry so it must be something reeeaally bad >3<
Thanks for the ask and have a nice day haha 😀

pinkuboa: draw someone riding a pony
>>I guess?…
 (Sorry idk how to draw riding or ponies at all qwq)
Thanks for asking!<3

tried to draw a piano. (drawn with a refence)
    #i still don’t know what’s inside tho
    #my art
    #crapy doodles

Anonymous: Smug D5 pumpkin maido! X3
>>It’s more like pure evil I have to say (…
Thanks for asking! X’D

macafake:John D3 <3 T&T
Thanks for asking! <3

zephyscribe: A4 Charlotte with a suspiciously devious smile c:
>>- Oh my, Charlotte you look like a real witch!
– I AM a real witch!!
Thanks for asking! XDDD

Anonymous: T&T Richard w E1 (if I’m not too late RIP)
>>This turned out to be sadder than expected…
Hope you like it…Thanks for asking!