2016-08-04 Power, Inventor, Footman, and Luggage(no)

Back on the projects. Thank you for sticking around.

Ahhh I finished the most of the changes (including a new riddle) in Trick & Treat!
It wasn’t as much work as I imagined, tho I have three versions to fix😅
Most of them are minor, but there are 10 more candy bags😉🍬🎉

Power, Inventor, Footman, and Luggage(no) XD

I wanted to draw steampunk and pumpkin cart so badly for a long time.
I know I can never finish it…_(:з」∠)_

And a sleepy Amelia.

Finally successfully built the game on with the help of a programmer friend…so, the remaining tasks are making achievements and some art and testing.
I’ll try my best to release T&T in September.

And I started to write the beginning of the witches tea party, but it does feel very good when working on two projects at the same time.
I wish I could finish with T&T asap so that I can focus on the new project😌🙏💪