2016-07-21 The pixel witches…

Hope I can have more time for the pixel girls😂😂

The pixel witches…
I’m happy and proud_(:з」∠)_

    #my hand hurts so much I have to use my left hand…
    #I love these witches

Finished everyone’s four directions sprites!!
They’re all witches they don’t have to walk…right?! QwQ (x
(Well, I’m gonna draw some of the walking animation…tho maybe not all of them, and i’ll draw them later when making events. So I think our actors are ready for the stage…!

But before that…
There are two more (non-witch) characters who are still in sketches.
Sprites, tiles and maps, then the story.
And I’ll start to work on the steam version of Trick & Treat next week, which I’ve been putting off for quite a while qwq

Anyway, a small progress report 🙂
(I will not make a character of asymmetrical design ever again (x