AA Walkthrough: Side Quests

Airi’s Adventure SIDE QUESTS

*please use “ctrl+F” for searching

The quest info will be listed as:
1) Quest Title
The NPC who asks for help.
How to complete the quest.


Chapter 1

*You won’t be able to take new quests if your reputation is over 100.

1) Tomato Hunt
The farmer in the west part of the city.
Hunt 5 tomatoes

2) Tomato Hunt II
Merchant (City Center)
Hunt 10 tomatoes

3) Bats in Woods?
The girl from the Flower Shop (City center)
Hunt 4 bats
Flower Crown

4) Hungry Vampire
Vampire near the river.
Bring him anything to eat. The best answer is “Black Pudding”, but it won’t affect anything (You may be unable to get that anyway when your reputation is over 100).

5) Collect Daffodils
Apprentice Alchemist
Hunt 3 Daffodils.
You can attack her, but you won’t take any quest then.

6) Alchemist’s Test
Make the potion.
Charm of Earth
*Go to Library 2F find the Alchemist Metor for the “Recipe for Bomb”
*You can keep the potion if you don’t give it to her.
*After the quest is done, she will be in the library basement, buying flowers from you.

7) Woods Explorer
Rabbit explorer near the bar
You can just 1) defeat him, or 2) get a book from the boy reading in the city center, and USE it.

8) A Unique Pet
Girl in the house
Defeat a sweet tomato.
Mini Donuts
*The posibility of finding a sweet tomatoe is 30%. (Giant Tomato: 10%)

9) Tomato Dinner
Guest in bar
Collect Tomato Juice, BLT Sandwich and Pizza Margherita.
BLT Sandwich: happy tomato 1/3 giant tomato ½ angry giant tomato 1/1
Pizza Margherita: sweet tomato 1/3 giant tomato ¼ happy giant tomato 1/1
Barkeep will give you repices and Recommendation Letter (Cook), which will allow Airi to become a Cook.

10) Roasted Fish
Cat guest in bar
Catch 1 carp and 1 trout.
Roasted Fish

11) Fishing Rainbow
Catch a Rainbow Trout (Possibility: 1/8)
Roasted Fish
*You will get (the information of) the Glass Fishing Rod and Fishing Note (1).
Go to the weapon shop to fix the glass pieces.

12) The Popular Man
Talk in the bar (1F).
Egg Sandwich

13) Rosie’s Bill
Talk again.
Apple Juice
If you give 300G to Rosie, Rosie will have an extra 300G when her story begins
This may happen if the second story can be released sucessfully…

14) The Wanted Thief
Knight in Weapons Shop (need reputation>=50)
The thief is in the south of the city, near the goods under the wall on the left.
*Take the bribe will end the fight, and the quest will fail. You can get 500g, Magic Sword (Gem), Charm of Fire, a bag of coins, and gain 10 bad reputation.
*If escape, you will lose 100G and the quest will fail.

Chapter 2

1) Thief Group
Knight of the southern area (You won’t be able to return to the city once going into the Forest).
The thief group will show up near the forester’s cabin (with a probability).
*If you TALK to him when your reputation is over 300, he will run away.
*If you lose the battle, you will lose 100G.

2) Poacher Group
Check the sign outside the Forester’s cabin to take the quest.
Defeat two groups of enemies (They will appear with a probability).

3) Collect Apples
Collect 5 apples.
Mint Chocolate

4) Collect Eggs
Collect 4 eggs.
Creme Brulee
*After you finish the two quests, the patisserie will offer a discount.

5) Withered Trees
Hunt 5 Withered Trees
Forester’s outfit

6) Rare Mushrooms
Defeat a Dream Mushroom.
It will appear before the path to Mysterious Forest, with a possibility of 10%. Or you can report the quest after defeating Ryan.
Charm of Mushroom
*You can talk to Ryan before he joins the party, though it won’t affect the story.

Chapter 3

1) Crab-Catching
Win: crabs >7; Fail: 0.
It’s easier to catch crabs using a small fishing net.
Broken Map x4

2) Hide and Seek
*need to finish quest (1)
Find the girls in the village.
Charm of Sea

3) A Black Pearl
*need to finish quest (2)

*The closed Pinctada will drop Black Pearl (1/1), and you can find one at:
Upper right corner of the sea map1: 40% chance
Upper right corner of the sea map2: 60% chance
Pinctada and Black Pearl are merely for selling.

4) Seaweed Salad
Bar keeper
Talk around village.
Crab salad +
*The purple-haired sailor (Violet) has the best answer (Seaweed Salad), and you will get the salad recipe.
If you answer is Seaweed Salad, it will appear in the bar menu.

5) Dessert!
Captain (inn 2F)
Give him something sweet.
Antique Staff
Creme brulee is the best answer, and you will get a Quality Robe.

6) Seasickness Potion
First Mate
Buy the potion at Xaviera’s house.
Magic Drink II

7) Food Stock
Sailor in the sea union (Dona)
Pro Fishing Rod
*Luca’s class can be changed to Fisher with a Pro Fishing Rod.
*you can also buy the Pro Fishing Rod in Northean Harbor

8) Wood Stocks
Sailor in the Carpenter’s shop
Silver Armor

9) Clean the Kitchen
Fight in the kitchen
Spicy Seafood Cookie and Cookie Recipe
*If Airi’s Class is Sleepwalker, you can get a pillow in Xavi’s room (check the cushions).