AA Walkthrough: Side Quests

Chapter 3.5

1) My Friends
*hidden quest
talk to Luca, Lillian and Ryan in the ship

2) Treasure Map I
*hidden quest
Combined a Treasure Map with 5 broken pieces

3) Treasure Map II
*hidden quest
Combined a Treasure Map with 10 broken pieces
You can go to the Pirate Island with this map.

4) Pirate Island
*hidden quest
defeat the pirate boss
Charm of Carrot
*You need to complete this quest for the last dream.

5) Tuna
Fishing or fighting.
Tuna Sashimi, and the recipe

6) Drinks
*hidden quest
Give a drink to Violet
Broken Map

7) Fishing Spots in the World
*hidden quest
Talk the fisherman in the cabin
Fight more than 7 battles while you are sailing offshore with the fisherman (His dialogue will change when you TALK to him).
Fishing note III
*He will also get on board when SS Treasure leaves.
*Fishing Note II is in his house.

Chapter 4

1) Macaroon Disaster I
Knight in downtown

2) Macaroon Disaster II
*need to finish quest (1)
Knight in downtown

3) Sweet Fish
Waitress (Boutique 2F)
*You will get the recipes of Taiyaki and Fish Cookies when taking the quest, and you can have a Recommendation Letter (Cook) when finishing the quest.

4) A Giant Bear
Waitress outside the cat cafe
Hunt one Chocolate macaroon (appear with a possibility)

5) Collect Sugar
Explorer in the library
Give him 10 Sugar, which can be collected or bought.
Magic Drink III

6) Coffee
Apprentice in the library
Coffe is sold in the Market or Cafes.
Potion II
*You can use the cauldron after finishing this quest.

7) Change in River
*if fisherman leaves with SS Treasure
Fisherman (Market)
Ask in the Item Shop.
Now you can buy a Glass Fishing Rod if you don’t have one.
Mint Soda

8) Candy Accessory
Explorer in Item Shop
Give her two Candy Boxes.
Charm of Candy

9) Tuna Sashimi
Cat explorer in Kate Cafe
Afternoon Tea

10) A Cat Teaser
*need to finish quest (9)
Explorer in Kate Cafe
Ask a Rabbit explorer for hair.
Cat Teaser
*An item that is completely no use in the current story.

11) Looking for the Hero
The girl walking around by the river
*The person you need to find is in the restaurant.
Candy box

12) Fish Cookies
Cat explorer outside the inn

13) Ice Cream in Winter
Explorer in the dock area
Charm of Snow
Recipe of Ice Cream,
*After this quest you can get the redbean ice in boutique 2F

14) Stomachache
captain in the inn
Aristocratic Staff

15) A Change for the Taste
First Mate in the inn
Embroidered Robe

16) Toothache
*hidden quest
The short-haired girl near the river
Reputation +30 if you give her 10 macaroons.

17) Dancing Practice
*hidden quest
Patent Shoes

18) Sweet or Salty?
*hidden quest
Violet and Dona
Candy Box(sweet)
Charm of Mushroom(salty)

Chapter 5

1) Picking Mushrooms
Marshamallow Sandwich

2) Cutting Trees
*need to take quest (1)

3) I’m lost…
*hidden quest
pink-haired explorer in the cave
Recipe of Coin Bag

4) A Rare Fish
purpule-haired explorer
*Leave and come back here to meet the two explorers.
*The chance of catching an Acient Fish: 1/8
Top Hat

5) Pancake
*need finished quest (4)
purpule-haired explorer
Pancake Beret
*Talk with the explorer next him after finished this quest, he will give you Patent Shoes
*Pancake is the raward of quest (2)

6) Relics
Explorer in Ruin 2F
Survival Kit

– END –