2019-10-04 A new TWTP demo!

Steam News
A new demo is available for The Witches’ Tea Party!

About the new DEMO (v2.01):
1) The demo contains the prologue and the beginning of Chapter 1.
2) The save data can be used in the full version!
Copy the save data in www/save to the full version to continue the adventure. It can be used in both Steam version and Light version.
3) The languages supported in the demo are: English, Chinese, Thai, Spanish and Japanese.
To change the language, select “Option” in the title screen or menu, then choose “language” using Left and Right keys.

It can be downloaded on Itch.io: https://rabbitongames.itch.io/twtp-light
and Freem: https://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/21199

Thai Translation by Whateverzone
Spanish Translation by Maca Traducciones (Demo only)
Japnese Translation by Rino (Demo only)

If you’re interested in helping the Japanese translation please just send the dev a message on Tumblr or Twitter.
There’s also a new demo updated for Airi’s Adventure, which can be found on itch as well.

Thank you for your attention! See you next time!

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茶会的Demo更新了西班牙语和日语!!西语的翻译是Maca Traducciones