2017-09-05 Ask

hello! i finished the witches’ party, […] it was amazing! can we expect a third game in the same universe in the future?
[…] And thank you so much for the message ;v; I’m really happy you enjoyed it. REALLY HAPPY.

For now I’m planning to make something else for a change…probably a very short rpg or a short adventure game…Annnnd, I do have an idea for the third story X’D But: none of the witches (known characters) will be main characters, I haven’t decide it’s length or art style, or gameplay, and I don’t know when I can actually make (or even plan) it. That’s why I haven’t talked about it…

(And confessing this doesn’t mean it’ll be in the future plan…Please don’t expect anything>v< )
To be honest I don’t know how long I can keep making games…but I won’t stop dreaming 🙂 And always glad to share the dreams with you 🙂

I hope all of you can have a good time with the little games I make. I’m really happy if you do.

Trading cards available!
Dear lord it’s so embarrassing to see my (terrible art in high quality) cards…imagining people have to collect them;;;*_*
But I like the emoticons and badges! Proud of them and I hope you’ll enjoy them as well! :’D
(The backgrounds are not bad either)

I’ll post news and stuff tomorrow, goodnight! 🙂

After two weeks of release there’s someone unlocked all the achievements without a walkthrough…
I’m so touched.
Gonna cry oh dear lord.