2017-07-14 TWTP Art Book


The Witches’ Tea Party on Steam
The store page is available now…! (Are you gonna follow or add to wishlist? 0///0)

The art book plan is about 80 pages now…
Oh gosh I wanna show you everything.
(And I’m not sure…
Anyone interested in submitting fan art or countdown art to win the game?…
It’s a commercial game so there could be some quality requirements, but again, it’s not a contest…)

I’ll decide later depending on replies…
Still working hard! Cheeeerrrs! 🙂

Art Book开工~

The art book is almost 100 pages now…
I need to finish some more sketches. Hope you’ll like them :’)

There will be “spot the difference” this time too because I like it so much X’D