2017-02-16 Chapter 3!

Chapter 3! (Free materials used 🙂

Both Sophia and I have been looking forward to this chapter since the beginning XD

Chapter 2 is basically finished. We are doing this pretty fast with Sophia back! There are 8 hours time differences so we’re actually working on it none-stop X’D I’ll leave all the CGs and stuff and continue with Chapter 3. Everything is going on very well atm, again.
It’ll be like the typical rpg horror in this chapter. Finally it’s time to make some real blood splashes<3

So…yeah it’ll be kind of an rpg horror. I’m still thinking about control the jumpy parts in the game, but i’ll not give up darkness, creepiness, blood and murder 🙂
It won’t be worse than T&T, so don’t worry, I guess?

I’m off to pixel hell again! X’D
Good night/Have a nice day!

whateverzone: Fan Art of “Charlotte” from The Witches Tea Party.
    Drawn by Amikuro.
    Hope you like it ^O^ @ameliaandfriends @rabbitongames
    And thank you for allowing us to translate the demo to Thai! Looking forward to the full game! ><

Awww this is so sweet, thank you!!

Chapter 3 😉

I’ll be away for about a week, so a short hiatus 🙂
    #see you in March
    #have a nice day!