2016-11-19 WIP

I think the demo is 50% done!
Tho there are still a lot to draw, and many details to be polished, but at least I can say it’s 50%!
It’s exciting… I’m really looking forward to presenting you the demo 🙂
(And I’m also so nervous about if you’re going to like it…because it’s less funny than T&T, and it’s just a beginning…)
If everything goes well, it’ll probably be done by Christmas, or at least by new year. *finger crossed*

Demo’s main story finished. (Yeah it’s just 50%…)
Anyway I’m not rushing! I’ll try to make it as polished as possible 🙂
We’ve spent two months doing all the preparation work, so I’ll take my time and draw for at least another 4 weeks.

Finally start working on the CGs!! A bit wip!

There won’t be many CGs in the demo…It’s so happy to be back with things other than pixel art lol, and again I decide to use the lineless doodle style…Sorry I don’t think my skill allows me to draw all the details, but I’ll try to make them as decent as possible!
(no more mouse-doodling I guess X’D)

A few more things are done in the demo. The only tasks left now are a few plug-in adjustment, some CGs and more tiles, then translating and testing! Let’s see if I can finish them in 4 weeks 😉

    #drawing makes me happy

“A journey 90 percent completed is still only half done.”