2016-10-04 Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles basically finished~!✨
Trying to get the living room/great hall done!

    #I’m slowly getting this!

I wrote 90% of the main plot of the tea party prologue (which will be the demo) this afternoon…good.

    #I’m feeling dizzy now
    #off for some food

Wrote 8000+ words yesterday and a few more thousands today…the main plots and chapters are now basically there! I decide to finish writing (a large part of) the story before actually start making the game. Finally we’re going to make the game.

In the tea party you’re (very likely) going to:

  • solve a murder mystery in the mansion;
  • seek in forbidden rooms to reveal your friend’s dark secrets;
  • have a duel and win every lady’s heart world peace;
  • collect lots of nonsense items or not;
  • cook something nice or nasty;
  • …aaaaand puzzles!

I hope it sounds good (I hope I can actually do it).