2016-09-15 Art Book Preview!

…here’s a bit of the new drawings :’)
I hate it when I draw but can’t post😂

57 pages atm, not including covers and contents…0 0
I’m drawing more than I expected and now I can barely raise my arm😂😂
Sophia is making the page layouts so I can take a little break (to rest my hand) now!😁

#I doubt if people gonna buy it but I’m

Thanks for the message! Here’s a bit sneak peek, it’s not a game but I still hope you’ll enjoy it<3

The art book preview!
I’ve finished about 40 pages (20 doubles pages)…There are more new drawings included. Some are redrawn, and some are completely new! Though there’re mostly just coloured sketches…it still took me quite some time, almost as difficult as making the game…or maybe even more difficult!
You can get a free copy by submitting fan art. (<<<Read this post for detailed rules. Still one week left!)

Some random talks under the cut.
I haven’t finished all the writings so I can’t show the character page(s)…At first the style was very simple (boring) and it was difficult to add contents (small pictures and short paragraphs) while keeping it neat and cute…then we decided to make it like a journal/scrapbook, with things like stickers and tapes (which I like a lot :D).

The price is set as 2.99 dollars, with about 6 weeks’ working, new art and detailed info, I think it’ll worth it…!
plus it’ll have 20% off for the first week 😉

It’s taking all my free time atm…I’m starting to have neck and shoulder problems_(:з」∠)_ But surprisingly I enjoy it A LOT. I draw, write, and arrange everything, which is kinda like making a game…I know it’s not a game so people may not be so interested in it (I know nobody gonna buy it….) but I’m trying my best because I like this project. It’s probably the best part of being indie XDDDDD

Actually the idea of “people may play this” is kinda the most horrifying part of making a horror game. It was too late when I realised it (when I saw two topics in the steam discussion)…

Thanks as always X’D

Something that are not gonna be used but I think they’re pretty cool…

The drawings and designs are still in the book, not sure how much I should spoil. Take it as a sneak peak! Goodnight 😀
(btw, 45 pages finished! finished!! TvT)
The fan art submission deadline is next week (Wednesday)! (Check the previous posts for details).

    #basically i try a few colours and patterns
    #then decide
    #i think the girls’ looks unexpectedly good