2016-06-01 TWTP Progress

Sorry I’m still stuck in the first two maps… I spent a lot of time making a new window skin (which I like a lot. Btw tea with milk is my fave!), and looking for plugins to build the game.
I don’t think I can finish more characters next week… And I’ll be away after that.
Not too much progress but I just want to upload something.

Finally I made the game profile page!…I’ll be away for a while so the game development will be on semi-hiatus. I’ll probably be around answering questions and polishing game details. Since I’m drawing everything we are probably making it a commercial game with a small price. Hope I can have enough time and support to keep up the work^^

We’re probably getting original music for the demo😳😆✨

    #sorry for the inactivity
    #don’t have much time recently…
    #so just a tiny bit of news to let you know I’m still around!