2016-05-29 Still testing maps

Still testing maps. New party member and…parallax mapping?
Vanessa and Evangeline will be the two characters (assistants?) joining you 😀
I’m not yet sure about parallax mapping (the old one is here), but hope you like it!

EDIT: Introducing the garden and Evangeline.
I’m not sure of parallax because I think I’m very bad at it…indeed I am. > <

I’ll be away for the next month. The game project will then be on hiatus.
I’m trying to draw as much as possible before traveling :3
Maybe I’m trying too hard, it doesn’t look very good to me…
I have no idea what it’ll become…idk if I should do another small (free) project lol.
But I do enjoy drawing…wish I could have more time_(:з」∠)_