Trick & Treat Walkthrough

A Walkthrough for the game Trick and Treat (V2.0).
This walkthrough doesn’t contain multiple ends/Dead Ends and hidden contents, which can be found in Extra after the game is cleared.
You don’t have to collect Dead Ends.


A save point in the upper left corner.


Talk to the person standing in the upper level.

1F Left
Check the bear carpet to get the Key to Kitchen.
Answer “She loves you” and pick up the White Rose.

1F Right:
Use “Key to Kitchen” in front of the locked door (up-right).
(It’s fine to ignore the riddle door).

Check the kitchen, then a ghost appears.
Get Red Wine on the shelf before going to the dining room (the riddle door).

Dining Room:
Give the wine to the ghost.
Check the cabinet, answer the puzzle. (pumpkin:4, ghost:3, candy:7)
Get the Key to Cloakroom.

Go out and return to the dining room. Talk to the ghost.
Found soap in the kitchen, and check the sink in the bathroom.

1F Right:
Use the Key to Cloakroom.
Check the red stool. Answer “Sure!” to have a mini game.
Match the colors of: “hat and dress” or “dress and shoes” or “all the three items”.
Receive an Invitation.

(You may be curious about the room next door. Check the wall for something extre and an achievement).

Input the room number on the left of the upper level after reading the invitation.


Release the book on the left. Pick up the blue book.

Answer “yes” in front of the blue door. Choose “Blue Book”.
Enter the room, talk to the doll, put the book back.

Enter the pink room. talk to the doll. 

1F Left:
Catch the red shoes.
Check the end of the corridor.

Check under the wood bench with the flashlight on.
Use the Dirty Key to unlock the door on the right.

Use “White Rose” and “Red Shoes” in front of the red pool.
Find “Doll Head” in the upper-right wall.
Talk to the Clown.

Read the words on the wall. Talk to the three.
Check the guillotine and give the right answer.

Check the mirror.

Mirror Room:
Check the two round mirrors.
Keep going.
Check the mirror in the middle on the 3rd level.


Enter the green room. Use Silk Heart after the doll is completed.
Enter the red room. Give the doll Red Rose.

Back to 2F:  
Enter the pink room and give the doll her feet.
Go out of the room.

Enter the game room (the locked one on the right).
Talk to the rabbit.
Check the fireplace. Then check the billiard.
Use “Old Cue” in front of the fireplace.

Use “Clock Key” in front of the cabinet on the upper-right corner.
Enter the cabinet.

Enter the room on the left. Take the clock that is “right twice a year”.
Go back and give it to the rabbit.

Read the puzzle on the three darts.
Answer the hobbies of the four dolls.
(The game room’s door is open now. Blue and Pink live on the 2F, while Green and Red live on the 3F.
The dolls’ reactions are not related to your answer).

A new stair appears. Now you can save and go to collect candy/break barrels if necessary.
Go into the final room, check and give your answer, then check the first cabinet on the left. Go down and have the ending 😀

Visit the hidden room (Extra) for walkthroughs of multiple ends/Dead Ends/hidden contents, and more stories.

Trick & Treat Achievements

1) Halloween
Answer the date at the beginning correctly.

2) Riddle Room
After entering the cloakroom, check somewhere on the wall and a door will appear. Check it for multiple times, choose “Yes”, and then solve the puzzle. (It’s “PUZZLE” or “RIDDLE”.)

3) Fashion LV.999
Have a perfect match for the mini game.

4) Time
Answer “TIME” to the rabbit’s question

5) Potion
In the True End where Charlotte goes upstairs, when both the two girls are in the party, check the potion in your inventory.

6) Candy
Collect all the candy and break all the barrels.

7) Truth
Have the True End.

8) Steam Pumpkin
Start the game for a second run, equip the new outfit, and play a bit until it’s unlocked. (There’s no more new content for the second run, except some CGs. You’ll need to have a True End to unlock for the 4 ending CGs in the album).

Then you’ve found almost all the details and secrets in the game 😉
Thank you for playing!