Trick & Treat (free ver.)

– About –

Trick-or-treating in a vampire’s house.
It’s a free-to-play horror/puzzle game, now available on Steam Store!

Prequel: The Witches’ Tea Party
The Remake version is in development.

– Story –

A young witch named Charlotte and her maid Amelia went trick or treating on the Halloween Eve, and somehow they decided to visit a cursed mansion…

The game is about exploring and solving puzzles in a spooky atmosphere. It is more of a Halloween comedy than a hard-core horror experience, with horror elements such as blood, death, jumpscares and ghost/monsters.
Make sure you are fine with the contents before playing!

Spanish translation by Maca Traducciones
Japanese translation by Rin
Trailer with an original soundtrack “Halloween” by Zephysonas

– Features –

  • A light-hearted spooky adventure with not-very-hard puzzles.
  • About 90 minutes gameplay.
  • Original spirites and CGs.
  • Multipul ends and 9 dead ends.
  • A hidden room (Extra) will be available after the Normal or True end.
  • A new outfit for Amelia will be available for the second run
  • An Art Book DLC is available on Steam Store.

RPG Maker RTP is not required. Simply click “Game.exe” to run.
The Steam version is also FREE, with Steam Achievements and the Art Book DLC.

– Screenshots –