Tea Party Walkthrough: Food

The food collection guide (no spoilers)

The 30 dishes

1) Tomato Juice
2) Diced Tomato
3) Fried Tomato
4) Passion Tomato
5) Borscht

6) Lemon Tea
7) Lemon Juice
8) Lemon Cookie
9) Passion Lemon Juice

10) French Fries
11) Classic Potato Mash
12) Caramel Potato Mash
13) Jacket Potato

14) Matcha Latte
15) Matcha Pudding
16) Matcha Cookie
17) Matcha Ramen

18) Espresso
19) Latte
20) Espresso Croissant

21) Frost Strawberry
22) Caramel Strawberry
23) Strawberry Cookie
24) Strawberry Spaghetti

25) Blueberry Yogurt
26) Blueberry Cake
27) Eyeball Jelly

28) Grilled Squid
29) Spicy Seafood Cookie
30) Squid Ink Spaghetti

The ingredients you’ll need & how to get them

Tomato: The side-quest Tomato Lover.
Potato: In the kitchen.
Lemon: After making the paint.
Green Tea Powder: Help Andrea do the cleaning.
Passion Fruit: In Andrea’s room.
Coffee: The library reception(?).
Strawberry: The side-quest “The Forgotten Rabbit”.
Blueberry: In the left room of the rose maison.
Squid: In the pantry.

The recipes

Recipe 1: Passion Tomato
Complete the side-quest “Tomato Lover”.

Recipe 2: Espresso Croissant
Complete the side-quest “Vanessa’s Breakfast”.

Recipe 3: Caramel Potato Mash
In the side-quest “The Most Delicious”.

Recipe 4: Passion from the Sea
Complete the side-quest “The Most Delicious”.

Recipe 5: Strawberry Spaghetti
In the side-quest “The Eternel Darkness”, give any strawberry dish.

Recipe 6: The Cake of Happiness
Give the bluebird to the blue-dressed doll.

Recipe 7: Dark Spaghetti
Chech Stephanie’s bookshelf after Chapter 1.

Recipe 8: The Tomato-Potatoes Compromise
In the side-quest “Tomato Lover”, give Marilyn tomato juice (not the other tomato dishes).

Recipe 9: The Ultimate Juice
Talk to Cathy in the bar and say you’re thirsty.
(It’s next to Vanessa’s room, only open in the night during Chapter 1.5).

Recipe 10: Cookies
Check the bookshelf in the dining room.


The gifts from your witch friends:
1) Vanessa: Painting
2) Renee: Giant Chocolate Bear
3) Andrea: Heart-shaped Plant
4) Xaviera: Fish Cushion
5) Mirabell: The Pink Room
6) Stepahnie: Stephanie’s Music Box
7) Evangeline: The Room of Snow

Hope you can have fun collecting ;w;/