RRoL Walkthrough: Soundtracks

The BGM List

The BGM collection works as an in-game achievement system
Music marked with * are original soundtracks.

(01) Rosie’s Theme -Ontama-

(02) Woods -Ontama-

(03) Forest -Ontama-

(04) Monsters! -Ontama-

Achievement: Finish quest: Tomato Investigation

(05) Mischief Maker -Kevin MacLeod-

Achievement: Finish quest: Follow Up the Bat Rumor

(06) Plains -Larz- **

(07) City Estella -Maoudamashii-
Achievement: Finish quest: A Luxurious Menu

(08) Mines -Larz- **

(09) Tansaku ~Battle with Ghosts -Ontama-
Achievement: Borrow the pickaxe from Item Shop

(10) Underground Kingdom -Ontama-
Achievement: Finish quest: The Underground Kingdom

(11) Windport -Ontama-

(12) Xaviera’s Theme -Qingqi- *
Achievement: Finish quest: Super Spicy

(13) Offshore -Maoudamashii-

(14) Bad Ideas ~Battles at Sea -Kevin MacLeod-
Achievement: Finish quest: Freshly-Caught Fish

(15) Kurumi’s Battle -Ontama-
Achievement: Tori Joins the party

(16) Thunder Battles -Ontama-
Achievement: Finish quest: A Study on Electricity

(17) March of the Spoons -Kevin MacLeod-

(18) Moments -Li- *
Achievement: Have roast fish in Mysterious Forest

(19) Twilight Adventures -Zephysonas- *

(20) Dance of the Reed-Flutes -The Nutcracker-

(21) Saturday -Larz- **

(22) Winter -Larz- **

(23) Northean Harbor -Ontama-

(24) Sunshine ~Sail at Sea -Zephysonas- *

(25) The Pirate Island -Ontama-
Achievement: Go to the pirate island (when Kayden in the party)

(26) Mermaids -Zephysonas- *
Achievement: Finish quest: A Unique Painting

(27) Mountains -Ontama-
Achievement: Finish quest: Looking Up at the Sky

(28) Yuugi -Ontama-
Achievement: Finish quest: The Fraud

(29) Port Renga -Ontama-
Achievement: Finish quest: Promoting Local Shops

(30) An Unexpected Situation -Ontama-
Achievement: Finish quest: Thunder Gears

(31) Kayden’s Theme -Ontama-
Achievement: Kayden leaves

(32) Rosie’s Theme II ~Fantasy -Ontama-
Achievement: Normal Ending with Kayden

(33) Rosie’s Theme II ~White City -Ontama-
Achievement: Normal Ending by yourself

(34) Rainkyo Village -Ontama-

(35) Leona’s Theme -Ontama-
Achievement: Finish quest: Rainkyo Lake

(36) Burried Memories -Ontama-
Achievement: Collect all memories in White City
1) The board in front of the market
2) Talk to the woman in the market
3) Go to the east end of the road

(37) Dylan’s Theme -Larz- **
Achievement: Say goodbye to everyone in Epilogue
(Leona, 10 children and Dylan’s tomb, unlock when leaving with Barkeep)

(38) Dark Clouds ~Eagleton -Ontama-
Achievement: Bad Ending III

(39) The Keeper -Larz- **

(40) The Final Battle -Ontama-
Achievement: Ending II
(Reputaion: High, Bad Reputation: High)

(41) Rosie’s Theme II ~Piano -Ontama-
Achievement: Ending I
(Reputaion: High, Bad Reputation: Low)

(42) Rosie’s Theme II ~Music Box -Ontama-
Achievement: Ending III
(Reputaion: Low, Bad Reputation: Low)

(43) Legendary Monsters -Ontama-
Achievement: Ending IV
(Reputaion: Low, Bad Reputation: High)

(44) The Hidden Room -Ontama-
Achievement: Visit the Hidden Room

(45) A Traveling Cook -Ontama-
Achievement: Read The Book about a Young Cook in the Hidden Room

(46) Airi’s Theme -Larz-
Achievement: Read The Book about Another World, and check everything in Airi’s Room

—- FIN —-