RRoL Walkthrough: Recipes

Chapter 1
STAGE 1: The Capital City

1) Tomato Dishes

Tomato Juice
BLT Sandwich
Pizza Margherita

Find in City Hall

2) Easy Recipes for the Single

Egg Sandwich
Apple Juice
Mushroom Soup

Find in Southwoods (bench)

3) Desert Recipes

Sponge Cake
Chestnut Cake
Creme Brulee
Mini Donuts

Quest: A New Dessert Menu

4) Item Recipes

Flour Bomb
Chestnut Bomb
Garlic Bomb
Chili Bomb
Bag of Coins*

Quest: Flowers and Mushrooms
*The recipe is not for sale in Northean Harbor.
You can get it in the graveyard (behind the left-bottom flowers) in the final chapter.

STAGE 2: City Estella

5) Goldleaf Recipes

Gold Chocolate
Gold Cake
Gold Coffee
Gold Icecream

Quest: A Luxurious Menu

6) Garlic Recipes

Garlic Mushroom
Garlic Scallop

Quest: Mushroom Ring

7) Miners’ Breakfast


Find in the Miner’s Restaurant

STAGE 3: Windport

8) Easy Recipes for Fishers

Sardine Can
Roasted Fish
Fish Soup

Crab Salad
Mint Soda

Quest: Pufferfish

9) Easy Recipes for Fishers II

Salted Fish
Soused Herring
Roasted Seabass
Seaweed Salad

Find in City Hall

10) Super Spicy Fish *Recipe not for sale
Xaviera’s quest

11) Hearty Breakfast
The boy’s quest (either is OK)

STAGE 4: Mysterious Forest

12) Deep Sleep Potion

Ryan’s house 1F,
the mushroom in front of the left bookshelves

13) Icecream Recipes
Redbean Icecream

Ryan’s house 2F

Chapter 2

STAGE 5: Northean Harbor

14) Gorgeous Seafood Recipes

King Crab Salad
Super Seafood Stew
Tuna Sashimi

Find in Item Shop (left shelves)

15) Octopus Recipes
board in fish market *Airi needs to be Cook

Octopus Sashimi

Find in Market

16) Desert Recipes II

Afternoon Tea
Marshamallow sandwich

Find in Kate Cafe

17) Fish Desert Recipes

Fish Cookie

Find in Boutique 2f Cafe

18) Dishes of the World

Lobster Ramen
Fired Rice

Find in the Library 2F (left)

19) Montain Recipes

Baked Mushroom Rice

Katarina’s Quest

20) Sichuan Pepper: Super Spicy Hot Pot
Quest: New Stock of Spices

21) Sichuan Pepper: Pepper Bomb
Quest: A New Weapon

*Mint Tea
If you have the Cursed Pickaxe, talk to the guest (Andrea) in Kate Cafe
to have it early in Chapter 2.

*You can buy the recipes in Chapter 1 after the quest “Sunfish”.

Chapter 3

STAGE 6: Port Renga

22) Hot Pots

Hot Pot
Cheese Fondue

Find in Item Shop

23) Chocolate

Mint Chocolate
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Fondue

Find in Farm

24) Umami Potion
Quest: A Study of Seaweed

25) Mint Tea
If having Cursed Pickaxe:
Talk to the guest in Kate Cafe in Chapter 2
If not:
Find it near the Icecream Seller

STAGE 7: Rainkyo Village

*No recipes in White City

*You can find “Bag of Coins” in the graveyard (behind the left-bottom flowers),
if you didn’t have it in Chapter 1.

– FIN –