Rabbiton Merch -the first wave!-


◇ Mini card with T&T stamps, and T&T sticker
◇ Keychains (with holographic stars)

The first 5 buyers: Mini cards pack Two random postcards* + T&T sticker
Purchase over £25: One random keychain
Purchase over £50: Both Keychains

*Postcards with Amelia and Charlotte’s stamps on the back!
They are supposed to be the Greenlight mini cards with stamps, but I just can’t find them after unpacking…so I’ll use the postcards instead! (Yes I really want to show off the stamps :’)

That’s everything! Thank you for reading!

(It was a very long story about making the merch…”the first wave” indicates there could be a second…but making them requires a lot of time and energy. Idk if it will happen soon…I’ll…try!

See you next time<3