Rabbiton Merch -the first wave!-

Acrylic Merch

#1 Airi’s Adventure 12cm Acrylic Standee

#2 Rosie’s Road of Love 12cm Acrylic Standee

◇ The largest standee is 12 cm tall, which means other characters are about 11-12cm.
◇ double-sided print (so that the character can face both directions!)

Printing details (slightly like inkjet printing…):

The best thing about Rosie and Barkeep is that…
When the bases are placed together, they just appear as if they are holding hands like in the official art!

◇ The items are packaged in resealable holographic plastic bags. Please reuse them if possible!
◇ The single ones come with a mini card, and the set contains a postcard of the official art by Shencao.

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