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  1. Hello! I was wondering if I could promote your game trick or Treat on my Discord server. It has around 1,100 members and I was looking for more possible seasonal events for the autumn/Halloween season. I would promote the game with all due credit. Please do feel free to check out the server at https://discord.gg/TRUUQDPZRU
    Thank you for your wonderful game, Nyro

    1. Hi, thank you for your message!
      It’s totally OK to promo the game on your sever. I appreciate it and hope you and your friends can enjoy the game!
      (Btw the remake version is going to release this autumn as well, if you want to share the news^^)
      Have fun 😀

  2. RABBITON万象时空的神族会对“主时空”以及“奇幻世界(莉莉安的时空)”有什么看法呢?

    1. (慢回了orz)

  3. 如果能学会一点时空魔法也不错,想去雇伊戈尔顿和虎狼死家狙监狱里的小中大,我就不信逆转世界里的人们能领悟风系魔法和招魂以外的邪术。

  4. Hello!

    I am Juan Mora, representative of a translation company. We would like to offer you our Spanish translation services. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards.

  5. This is our guest book,
    please feel free to talk here, just be nice and polite!
    We’re also building an ask box, where you can ask the dev about anything 😀
    I’m testing the messages…
    Have a nice day!

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