2024-02-10 Random Talk: Middle-Earth Reading and Toulouse Kingdom

Recently I’m re-reading “The Silmarillion”, a new translated version that I’ve been hoping to read for years. The world-creating myth is so beautifully written, Tolkien my god🥲 It’s so vast and elegant, —the imagination of the god of words.

I read it in Chinese when I was in high school (the translation was terrible and I forgot at least half of the book). Plus, I was young and didn’t quite get into it (and there were too many names!) The current version I’m reading is reeaaally good—it’s smooth as silk, absolutely beautiful (and enjoyable) to read.

What I want to say is that…Tolkien did write many desolate places in Middle-earth. When the world was firstly created, there wasn’t even a sun—everything under starlight. By the Third Age (the era of “The Lord of the Rings”), the ancient kingdoms were already disappeared and became wilderness, tombs, ancient battlefields where even grass wouldn’t grow. In the movies there are also many rocks, cliffs, and vast grassland (the New Zealand scenery was just perfect 😂)…

Which reminds me in my RPGs, I even put a village that has everything in the very north of the continent…I guess it’s just…a person nowadays would expect (also you’ll have to let the players to get prepared for the final stage, but a village, well, maybe too cozy in an adventuer)
If the land is not that deserted, it means Mirabell’s country is quite well-governed: even remote mountainous areas (almost the world’s end) have normal roads. (Frodo and Bilbo didn’t walk on proper roads!) The villagers have business with the outside world, and the princess can just visit if she wants to.

So…although the north part of her kingdom is desolate, it has all the necessities: trade, transportation, and even education. They may not have lots of mines or farmlands, but the kingdom seems quite wealthy. (At first, I thought only the coastal cities were wealthy).
Does that mean the coastal cities make money, and the government use them to develop the remote mountain areas?🤔 Is the king really that wise (and capable of work)? Or maybe because of the former kings or the ministers are good?
Interesting. (Mirabel: Why do you sound so surprised!)

Therefore, I guess the fantasy world in the RPGs is surprisingly advanced. They are probably going to have electricity in a few years (or a few decades, idk), maybe just one step away from the Industrial Revolution. (I love Industrial Revolution and steampunk themes too, though Tolkien really disliked machinery and industry (the source of all ugliness and evil😂)
I actually quite like Saruman (as a villain lol). The industrial vibe of Isengard’s music is pretty cool.

I also finished reading “The Hobbit” yesterday. It was perfect for the Chinese New Year atmosphere (especially the year of dragon!) Now the dragon and the gold and the sound of “Wishing you wealth and prosperity” stuck in my head, leaving me unable to sleep 🤦
(I got up and watched the movie documentary and felt better (:з」∠).

That’s a lot of random talk!…Just wanted to comment on the wildness in Middle-earth and the Mounttop Village in Airi’s Adventure.
Happy new year and wishing you wealth and prosperity 😉