AA Walkthrough: Recipes

Airi’s Adventure Recipes Collection

Chapter 1

0) Bread
Purchase in the Item Shop

1) Tomato Dishes
Tomato Juice
BLT Sandwich
Pizza Margherita


2) Bomb Recipe
Flour Bomb
Chestnut Bomb


Chapter 2

3) Recipe for the Singles
Egg Sandwich
Apple Juice
Mushroom Soup

Ryan’s House 2F

Chapter 3-3.5

4) Easy Recipes for Fishers
Sardine Can
Roasted Fish
Fish Soup

Fisher’s House

5) Chapter3-3.5 Quest Rewards
5.1 Crab Salad
5.2 Seaweed Salad
5.3 Spicy Seaweed Sookie
5.4 Tuna Sashimi

6) Xaviera’s House
Mint Soda (left side of the kitchen)
Chili Bomb
Garlic Bomb

Chapter 4

7) Easy Recipes for Fishers II
Salted Fish
Soused Herring
Roasted Seabass

Bar (dock)

8) Ice Cream Quest

9) Chocolate
At the north part of the Northean Harbor, talk to the explorer in purple.
*Need to finish the “Chocolate Bear” Quest.

Mint Chocolate
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Fondue

10) Desert Recipes
Kate Cafe 2F *Airi needs to be a cook

Sponge Cake
Chestnut Cake
Creme Brulee
Mini Donuts

11) Desert Recipes II
Kate Cafe *Airi needs to be a cook

Afternoon Tea
Marshamallow Sandwich

12) Fish Desert Recipes
Fish Cookie


13) Gorgeous Seafood Recipes
Left shelf in the Northean Item Shop *Airi needs to be Cook

Crab Salad +
Garlic Scallop
Super Seafood Stew

14) Octopus Recipes
The board in Fish Market *Airi needs to be Cook

Octopus Sashimi

15) Dishes from the world
left side of the library. Need to finish the “Buy Coffee” Quest
*Airi needs to be Cook

Lobster Ramen
Fired Rice

16) Redbean Dishes
Boutique 2F. Need to finishe the “Ice Cream” Quest

Chapter 5

17) Coin Bag
Finish Quest “I’m lost…”

18) Hot Pot Recipes
Ruins 2F

Hot Pot
Cheese Fondue

– END –