2020-07-24 Taking a break

I’m organizing my dev logs…(for taking a break from the main story of RRL’s second chapter. It’s not very satisfying so I decided to make some changes after putting about 5000 words in the game_(:з」∠)_)

It’s kinda fun to read the old posts.
I did post A LOT! There was a time that I almost updated daily…like, throwing everything, every crappy doodle and every thought on the blog…And there were comments and discussion and stuff…

I always feel Tumblr becomes quieter…but actually I never got many notes anyway😂
(My inactivity had a bit reason but maybe I’ll say it some other time…the fact is I still enjoy making games and I still check tumblr☺️)
(Please feel free to talk to me~)
Thank you again for staying around🌸🪐💫