2020-04-16 Airi’s Adventure v1.3~Update!

A new build is available now!
2020.04.16 v1.3 Update

◇【Steam News | Steam新闻

1) Added Chapter Ending CGs (Art by Lithium_ion),
You can view them in the Hidden Rooms if you’ve finished the game.

2) Added a few maps outside Northean Harbor (after Chapter 4), and one new (and easy) side quest here.
Also a new village Chapter 5,

3) Added a bit new story in True Ending Route (about 4000 words…The difference between TE and NE routes becomes even greater…hope you’ll enjoy it.)

4) Added the above contents in Hidden Rooms
5) Fixed the recipe collection (48 collectable recipes in total) and some typos
Thank 莫狸 and Malandy for their reports!

6) Added a choice to skip Prologue in the 2nd run

[Caution] Savedata “Chapter 3 END” and “Chapter 4 END” cannot be loaded,
and yt’s not recommended to load Chapter 5 savedata because of the changes
Other savedata are OK to use! Sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m

Light version is updated to v1.3 as well!
If you still experiencing the problem of missing icons, please check if the game is running in “Vista Compatibility Mode” (The mode may be overwrite when updated. Check the last news for details.)

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P.S. Trick & Treat is having its 4th anniversary this April!
Thank you for being around

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