2020-02-26 Vista Compatibility Mode

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Vista Compatibility Mode to Fix Menu, and Update Notice

I’ve been trying to fix the Menu missing icon/text problem since the game is released on Steam…but I’m terribly sorry to say that there’s still no proper solution.
The best way to solve this problem is, for now, as a player posted in the discussion (thank you so much!), to run the game in Vista Compatibility Mode.

If the icons or text in the menu disappear during your gameplay,
please find your local game folder, right click on “game.exe”, and choose Properties >> Vista compatibility mode.

It’s just sad and frustrated that the problem is still not fully solved. I’m very grateful for your patience and understanding T-T
I’m really sorry about that.

In the new v1.2 version:
The game’s UI is changed to a simpler one, [/strike]tho sadly the trouble still remains, more or less.
Therefore a trouble shooting message is added at the beginning of the Steam version (when click New Game), to tell the players about the Vista Compatibility Mode.
…and a 2nd-run easy achievement is added.
Fixed a few typos and bugs (including adjusting Ryan’s boss fight), and added a few new random title screens.
Your savedata (including the demo’s) are still playable in this version.
You may need to set the compatibility mode again for the future updates (because the game.exe would be updated).

Sorry again about the trouble m(_ _)m

The Light version is okay because it’s not built on Steam,
but I’ll update it to the new-UI-version as well.
I kinda like the new choices. Hope you’ll enjoy it as well T^T

I cannot thank you enough for your support and understanding.