2019-03-26 Some Answers

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I usually write tasks down on a to-do-list.
It’ll make everything clear and well-organised. It also feels good when ticking them off the list.

As a solo dev I can do it with my own pace. I usually break a project into chapters, and focus on one chapter at a time. Normally the development progress is “plots-characters-art-maps-events-testing-debugging”, then I can take a rest and update blogs or something, then this will repeat. X’D

(idk if this is the answer you’re expecting but)
Thank you for asking!<3

Usually I’ve got the story (or the overall concept of a story) before making a game, so the themes are decided from the beginning.
Then I’ll imagine how I would like to play it, to decide the genre and basic mechanics. (It’s pretty limited when using rpg maker engines, so it also depends on the existing plugin resources…)
Anyway I think I imagine a lot as a player, and then present what I like and what I can do to others.

Thank you for asking<3

I don’t have any plan for them…
(though they’ll appear as side characters or npcs)

I do hope to make something about them in the RPG world, like a third story in Airi’s Adventure (Airi’s is the first, and Rosie’s is the second).
But it’ll be an RPG AU so it’s not exactly the Amelia and Charlotte in T&T, and before that I’ll have to finish the first and second story X’D

Maybe for a short game like T&T! If I have time to make small projects 😀
Thank you for asking about them!