2018-02-26 A Very Sweet Tomato for You

pinksun: Ayeee how is progress going~
Hiii, about Airi’s adventure…(dear lord i’m so glad there’re people asking about it…)

I think there’s a lot more to do making an rpg than making a puzzle game, and I didn’t have a clear outline for…anything. This rpg world adventure thing came from the ideas I had years ago.

So for now, there’s a very slow-paced prologue about Airi walking into that world, and an almost-finished(!) Chapter 1 about Airi and Luca (another boy from her school) doing small requests so that they can travel together with Lillian, the young knight.

Some stories, more than 10 side requests, a fishing system, some monsters (tomatoes!)…are DONE! No random battles because I guess people hate them X’D and you can probably attack other npcs (people) outside the town.

The maps are just thoes I posted…forests, a city, some shops and a bar. The next stage will be in the forest, and then a seaside village.

I’ve got a few stories in mind, but nothing written yet. No all items are set up, and no CGs or icons :/

There will be multiple endings as well, I’ve already had two planned. Idk if that’s two many X’D
I really hope the whole rpg can go more smoothly once I set up all the items, skills and equipments D:

And unexpectedly, it feels more like a very casual adventure game of doing-favors-for-everyone-in-town than a save-the-world-with-friends rpg…but I hope you’ll enjoy talking and knowing the people there :’D

It’s planned to have three independent stories. Airi’s Adventure is the first one. The second one will be the story of a guest in the bar, Rosie, who has a crush on the bar owner, and tries very hard to win his heart. The third one…hopefully the Trick & Treat gang.

It’s the another-world thing so it’ll be the RPG T&T gang, which may be diffrent from them in the T&T game…Rich is a real vampire and already appeared as a npc in chapter 1 🙂 I’m thinking about drawing his portrait…

Xaviera and Mirabell (probably) will be there, too. Interestingly, Xaviera for Chapter 2 and Mira for Chapter 3…the same pattern as the Tea Party, idk why…I hope people will enjoy it as well. It’s actually not related to the other two games…I do hope they won’t be too similar. But since it’s an rpg I enjoy the characters showing up as npcs or easter eggs…

And actully this project doesn’t have a proper title yet (I call project rpg…). And again, I’m now the only one working on it. Sophia will discuss/give opinions and test (now she’s waiting to test chapter 1! before I add sound effects and a few more things), and she did the first forest (dungeon) maps!

I made about two side requests tonight :’)

Oh, and hopefully Airi can change class and outfits 😀 I commissioned a plugin for that. I’m also thinking about re-make T&T or add a outfit-changing feature to Tea Party, but idk if it’s a good idea, or if I have time…

There’s indeed a lot to report…Thank you so much for asking! (I wrote too much
Here’s a very sweet tomato for you<3