Merch Survey II (22th Oct 2023)

Welcome to your Merch Survey II (22th Oct 2023)

Merch Survey II
#1 Trick & Treat Amelia and Charlotte, 15cm fullbody standee

◇ A set of 2 (unfortunately no boys...)
◇ large and heavy...
◇ estimated price: £28-35/set (shipping from the uk, international shipping around £10)

#2 Trick & Treat RPG ver. smal keychain set

◇ A set of 4, about 4-5cm (size not decided yet)
◇ estimated price: £9-15

#6 The Witches' Tea Party 4cm mini standee

◇ A set of 6, or two sets of 4
◇ More TWTP pixel characters to complete the Steam badge set
◇ estimated price: £2-3 each character
⚠ Still work in progress, not going to make these very soon...(probably next year for the 3rd wave)

*Production will be based on the results of the demand survey!
Please ensure your purchase decision before participating in the vote (❁´◡`❁)

┏ (゜ω゜)=☞

#3 T&T character stickers
◇ A6 size, 3 sheets
◇ two sheets of the same pattern, one ordinary sticker and one glittery

#4 TWTP character stickers
◇ A6 size, 4 sheets
◇ also one ordinary and one glittery for the same pattern
⚠ maybe unable to make if the order number is too small

#5 Art book postcards
◇ All art book covers
◇ A set of 10 cards
◇ An actual photo of the cards↓

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